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30 Second clip showing one of our various DJ kits in May of 2017

Client Wedding - Feb 2017

Key Moments - 

  • 26:30 - Grand Entrance
  • 27:20 - First Dance
  • 52:00 - Dancing

Client Wedding - 11/11/16

Video courtesy of foreverfilmstudio.com

Spinelli's Wedding & Event Venue

This video is from Spinelli's Wedding & event venue. It was taken with a phone so excuse the clarity please. 


Demo Video 1 - Studio

This is a video from our studio showing a small portion of our lighting/stage capabilities. The studio is a small space of 1200 sq ft. In this video, we have only the Chauvet 4BAR, Chauvet Gig Bar IRC, Chauvet Mini Kinta's, Chauvet 6 spot, and Chauvet 4Play active.

Demo Video 2 - Sudio

This video is from our studio, a small space of ~1200 sq ft. In this  video we show the TRUSTT Glo Totem 1.5M (left and right of the DJ console) which is uplit with a Chauvet T12 PAR. There are (2) EV ELX 115P to the left and right of those outfitted with a stand scrim. In the front of the DJ console is a Odyssey DJ facade. Behind the DJ console is a Global Truss 8' goal post truss. Mounted to the left and right sides are the Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 150's set in sound mode with custom created color effects. On the far right and far left of the goal post truss are (2) Chauvet T12 PAR's. In the middle of the top is a single Chauvet ColorDash Hex7. This is a par similar to the T12 but is much brighter (70W) and capable - in addition to RGB - Amber, White, and UV.