When planning events such as Weddings, Quinceañera's, Bar/Bat mitzvah's, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Reunions, and Corporate Events; customers often wonder what it will "look like". In this blog we explain a little about the different styles of trussing and stage set up that are available and typically used. 

Trussing - 

There are MANY different types of trussing and we will not go into them all here as we will only reference those typically used by a mobile DJ.

One popular type of truss is the light weight portable truss as shown below. This is a quick set up, inexpensive trussing option and designed to hold a couple lights. 

Light Weight Portable Truss

Another option is what is typically referred to as a goal post truss. This truss type can usually hold more lights than the lightweight truss option and looks a little more "professional". It can also be enhanced with uplighting as exampled below. 

Goal Post Truss

Goal Post Truss with Uplighting

Totem Truss

Another popular option is the totem truss. Totem truss' can either be scrimmed (covered) or un-scrimmed. In both cases they can be fitted with uplighting at the base and can be equipped with a myriad of different lighting options on top such as PAR lights, moving heads, scanners, etc. Moving heads are by far the most popular. The Totem Truss used at R5 Entertainment are typically 6' high.

Totem's can also be used to affix TV's. At R5 Entertainment, we utilize 42" TV's attached to our totem's. 

There are MANY different uses for Truss and at R5 entertainment, we can support any vision you wish to accomplish. 


At R5 Entertainment we offer a 6' x 16' skirted stage which can be used for whatever you like.